It has been very interesting reading the news from various outlets, and reading news that people post on Facebook lately. I like to think that I have a fairly wide variety of friends. Christians, atheists, black people, white people, etc. etc. Now I understand that I am not the most diverse person in the world, and I’m not claiming to be, but with a wide variety of friends I get to see a wide variety of views. From people who think Obama was God’s gift to America, to those who hate his very guts, and many people in-between. I read […]

The Space Between You And Me

When I moved to Rwanda I knew I might have to explain some things about my culture to other people, but I never thought I’d have to explain Donald Trump. When America begins its election process, have no doubt, the world is watching. Many people from many different countries who are here in Rwanda have asked me, “what’s going on with Donald Trump.” Even Rwandan market vendors, people who I would never think are interested in American politics, are asking me, “why is he doing so well.” When they ask my other American friends and I, “why?” we are often […]

Outrage and Rage

I found out when I arrived here in Musanze that there are many caves in the area. The caves were formed when ancient lava flows from the nearby volcanoes burned through the dirt, leaving behind tunnels made from volcanic rock. This past weekend I was planning on hiking a volcano in Uganda, but my Rwandan visa (which will allow me access to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda) was not yet approved. So, instead of climbing some volcanic rock, I decided to go caving in some. I met a guy here, a 15 year old missionary kid, who does tours of the […]

Crypt Diving

This is the second article written for me by my friend Lawrence in Uganda. Lawrence is currently studying economics at Makerere University. This article has been edited by me, but apart from those edits is entirely written by Lawrence.     A HIGHLIGHT ON THE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FACING YOUTHS IN UGANDA: Youths in Uganda are faced with problems of high unemployment, high poverty levels, and inadequate skills. Here I will share a brief experience of both the educated and uneducated. The uneducated: A portion of the uneducated youth hustle in agriculture; an area that has received little government support […]

Africa’s Need: Youth Development

In the Summer of 2013 I traveled to Uganda on a mission trip with Adventures in Missions. My team volunteered at a clinic and led devotionals at an all boys high school in the small town of Rukungiri. While in Uganda I met many great boys who, like me, are now becoming men. As I have become a man I have thought more and more about Uganda, and East Africa as a region, and the struggles that they face. I have realized that though I consider myself intelligent,  I know very little of the real problems in East Africa, nor […]

Africa’s Need: Electricity

I recently visited Paris on a two day layover to West Africa. Before going there I must admit I had some bias against the French. Lazy, cowardly, rude, American haters (or so I thought). But when I arrived I found the French to be quite pleasant and friendly, and though I did not witness them in a fight, they didn’t seem cowardly to me. Lazy, not at all, people were sprinting past my slow walking self to get on the metro before it took off (and they had to wait 3 whole minutes until the next one arrived). So I […]

Risk and Refugees

“Alright everyone, I want you to get into groups and practice your ‘elevator testimony’.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these words. Every mission trip, every church camp, every small group (and being from the South I’ve been to a lot of all of them). My two minute testimony normally goes something like this, “I was saved when I was eight, started reading the Bible and realized Christianity was a ‘relationship not a religion’, then I had the revelation of God’s unconditional love and now I live for him.” Cool story bro, tell it again. Today I […]

Saints on a Plane

In the Summer of 2013 I met a boy named Lawrence (pictured below) in Rukungiri, Uganda. Lawrence was studying in Rukungiri at a boarding high school, and I was in Rukungiri as a missionary. My missionary team awoke early every morning and walked a mile or two to Lawrence’s high school to give a morning devotion. We would then work and pray at a local medical clinic, and return to the high school in the evening to disciple, tutor, and play sports with the boys. I made many friends among the boys in Rukungiri, and I hope that I will […]

Africa’s Need: Investment and Opportunity

When the Israelites fled Egypt into the desert Moses demanded that God accompany them. So He did, leading them by day with a pillar of cloud and by night with a pillar of fire. God led them to the edge of the desert, to the promised land, and the Israelites sent spies to check it out. The spies came back with their greatest hopes, but also with their greatest fears. The promised land was fruitful, “flowing with milk and honey” but it was also filled with violent people who wanted to keep their land. So the Israelites turned around and […]

Have We Lost Our Way?

The saying goes, “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” So let’s all put down our rocks and take a step back. It seems to me the amount of “outrage” on social media has been exponentially increasing over the last year. My Christian friends are “outraged” over gay marriage and my non-Christian friends are “outraged” over the Christian “outrage.” People are “outraged” over a lion dying in Africa, and they are “outraged” over policemen shooting another black man (when it’s been happening this whole time and we never cared until now). I guess rage must be a good […]

Life In Glass Houses

I was tempted, at first, to write a blog about the confederate flag and racism in the south. Then I was tempted to write a blog about how Christians can avoid ending up on the wrong side of history with the national legalization of gay marriage. But today I will write about neither of these. I will not write about the confederate flag because it is a complete non-issue. The taking down of confederate flags and the subsequent outrage are smokescreens. Smokescreens are meant to divide, protect, and distract, and that is exactly what the issue is doing. Dividing whites […]


It’s very interesting to me that many Christians are unable to separate love and hate. I am a firm believer in balance (both in the Force and life in general). In order to fully experience happiness, one also has to experience sadness. For comfort to be appreciated one has to have also been uncomfortable. However, I do not believe you have to have hate in order to love. I have experienced hate in my life, from people, but never from God. God’s love is a transcendent thing, meaning it is greater than what life without Him could offer. The foil […]

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