These past several months I have spent many, many hours on the road. I was in Colorado and drove 24 hours down to Alabama, then 10 hours to and from Tallahassee, then 8 hours to and fro from Auburn, then 2 hours to and from Atlanta, then 36 hours to and from West Virginia…you get the picture. Well, even though I don’t have a car here in Rwanda, I’m still managing to be on the road. This past weekend I went on another road trip. This time it was with two lovely (I mean this in both the physical and […]

On the Road Again

New Year new job, right? Well it just so happens that I have gotten myself a job in Rwanda (which is in East Africa). I was previously interning for a company called Engineering Ministries International (EMI) which does engineering work overseas. One of their previous interns has been working as an engineer with a company called Amahoro Energy. I will be training as a replacement for this engineer, so I got this job through my internship with EMI. I will stress that this is not a mission trip, but is an actual, engineering job. I know you were just thinking […]

Going To Rwanda

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of traveling to Benin in west Africa to do some engineering design work on an eMi (engineering ministries international) trip. eMi teams up its full time, licensed, engineering staff with design professionals in the private sector to “engineer a world of hope” in developing countries. On our team we had 2 team leaders, 3 interns (I’m an intern), 1 electrical engineer, 3 architects, 1 civil engineer, and 1 mechanical engineer serving as a surveyor. Our mission was to travel to the L’Hôpital Évangélique de Bembereke (that’s French) or HEB for short, and […]


‘So Daniel, you’re not in college anymore, and you don’t have a real job, so what are you doing…?’ So glad you asked, I will be in Colorado from now until December. I am interning with a non-profit engineering company called Engineering Ministries International. EMi works overseas doing construction design for ministries serving the poor. What that means is a ministry in a developing country decides they want to build some kind of project. The ministry contacts eMi who reviews the project for things like; does the ministry serve poor people, does the ministry have a good reputation, and will […]

Colorado: First day on the job

Maybe it’s a little late for a “year in review” post, but here it is. This year was an amazing year, let me tell you why. This year was amazing because I had a terrible depressive episode for the first time in 2 years that involved me planning a detailed suicide attempt. This year was amazing because I found out that 3 of my friends have bipolar disorder, 1 has OCD, 1 has ADHD, and too many to count deal with depression. This year was amazing because I found out 1 of my friends is gay, another is bi-sexual, and […]

Real People

There it sits, outside my door, a bag of candy. 200 pieces of chocolate pleasure, torn open at the corner. Nothing strange here right? It’s just after Halloween, candy is on sale, someone left me a gift and they ate a little before the giving. No. It’s a peace offering, an apology, an admission of guilt, a chance. But forget it, it’s not even there. Ignore the bag, ignore the closed door, ignore the sounds, the voices in the kitchen, the giant vacuum of silence slowly sucking the air from my lungs. Maybe if I ignore it things will reset, […]

Peace Offering

Well, I guess it’s about time I told you the answer to my problem. Take this lesson to heart, because it took me seven long years to learn it. Last summer I went to three countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda) for two months with Adventures In Missions. That trip changed my perspective on many things and I learned a lot in those two months. One of the most important things I learned was the answer to my seven year, relationship breaking, friend distancing question, how do I stop kicking people out of my life when they hurt me? […]

The Answer

This is the second part of my series about bitterness. It is very long. This second story is still a little hard to tell. It is hard to tell because the situation was very painful when it happened, and it illustrates very clearly one of the areas where I am the weakest. That area is in conflict resolution. The whole story is fairly long, spanning 4 years now, and hopefully it will continue to be written. This arc, however, spans just over a year, from winter of my sophomore year of college through to spring of my junior year. It […]

The Question

This is the first post in a short series about bitterness and what God has taught me about it. I consider myself a man of many, or at least several, talents. I play tennis, play several instruments, am pretty good at some cards games, and love mountain biking. However, there is one area where my skill is off the charts. Unfortunately that skill is in bitterness and holding grudges. Do you think you can best me in it? Well let me tell you a few stories and hopefully you will not want to. The first story begins in seventh grade […]

The Problem