Up is up Down is down When we breathe It makes a sound In the mirror Nothing’s there If something was We wouldn’t care Up is down Down is up Fill my mind With nothing much Only air Inside our lungs Out in space Sound is numb Is down down Up up is Many questions Life not quiz Dwon si pu Up si nwod If uyo reah em Lspea sjut nod Please follow and like us:

Mind Numbing

I’m afraid to meet you Where my heart meets my spine Where feelings meet thoughts Where love meets my mind For then I would know Just how I feel And I’d have to admit What I feel is real Real or pretend I’m still afraid That someday my debts Will call to be paid Then I’d leave you alone With nothing but tears All I cause I took your love In trade for my fears Please follow and like us:

Tears for Fears

This place breaks things It wears them down Like water over stone Stealing away one small piece at a time Too small to be noticeable Until the culmination of each petty theft Suddenly a crack in the rock It breaks in a flood In a single, anticipated, moment All is lost Please follow and like us:


A still pond holds a mirror Up for the lovely sky Reflecting all the puffy clouds And zephyrs passing by While beneath the crystal surface Fish swim, safe and sound The sky can only see itself No disturbance to be found Until the sun begins to set And fishy hunger grows At last a bass jumps from the glass To catch a mosquito Ripples break the surface Shattering the sky Making what was lovely A horror to the eye The sky’s reflection angers it As beauty turns to wrath Raging tears fall on the pond And stir the breaking glass […]

Death of a Pond

At the end of the evening The muscles unwind The body takes leave Of the overworked mind All through the night Sleep takes away The stress and the tension Of an overworked day Until the morning When alarms shout Waking the sleeper To be tired out Please follow and like us:


If our lives were strings of woven strands Made of thoughts and memories Yours is sliding through my hands I moved so very far away Across blue ocean and red dirt Now everyday your heartstrings strum Without me there to hear them play Your rope of life keeps growing longer New experiences woven each hour I’ll never have been there To share those special threads We’ll never share these memories Made inside our separate heads Even if I cross ocean and land Wind up the distance between us Like a fisherman reeling in his line The person I catch when I return home […]

Slipping Through My Fingers

A field full of dandelions whispered in the wind The weeds turned flowers danced in the summer sun Trying to attract a mate Someone who would love them After their petals changed from yellow to white Someone who would appreciate them Even after all their seeds had flown away Maybe a winsome toad A lonely chipmunk Or, if one was really lucky, a girl It just so happened, one fair summer morning A little girl found herself in the field of dandelions They moved all the more in the gentle breeze Thought not enough to scatter their precious seeds The […]

Death of a Dandelion

A sea of thoughts swirls inside my head Words swimming oe’r the ocean bed Love letters leap like lampreys Shark syllables smirk sinister smiles Electric eloquence elucidates enigmas Unbecoming utterances undulate unsettlingly Poisonous pufferfish prepare pronounced punishment I fear if I open my mouth The ocean inside will all pour out Leaving its denizens to gasp in the air Flopping in the ears of people there The words may fight The sharks will bite Some listeners may not survive Others, though, will find some treasure Hidden in a wooden chest Words that shine like golden pleasure Love and hope and […]

Silent Sea

Deep in the concrete jungle The jaguar swims in a river of boda bodas On its back sit I, a fish out of water Beneath me the cat purrs as it slices through the river A screech, a growl, and a lurch A rogue matatu has blocked our path Diving against the current and beaching itself on the riverbank As the matatu flops helplessly, half on land, half in the river The cacophony of the jungle engulfs it Boda bodas scream and flow past Passing animals chatter to each other about the unfortunate beast Other river monsters express their displeasure at […]

Concrete Jungle

Everyone sings loud, and trumpets your name, but I’ve know you here, in this quiet place. Where others saw a strong tree, that never could fall, I saw a light flower, so lovely and small. In those soft moments I saw in the light, each wonderful color, so vibrant and bright. Even when the thin petals began to wilt, still the spirit remained, and did not bend or tilt. Now, as the petals blow away in the wind, it cheers me to know I will see you again. In a bright meadow, so full and so fun, those fragile old […]


Please show me something beautiful For all I see is grey They say they have just what I need I only have to pay Whisper something wonderful In my sore and itching ears Something so fantastic That it blots out all my fears Show me someone powerful With grace and peace and love Not a whining mosquito That tries to suck my blood Please show me something beautiful That is not a rock or tree Show me why I’ve come to love This dear humanity Please follow and like us:

Someone Beautiful