Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the long period of silence, but I haven’t felt like writing for awhile. So this is an update about what’s been going on in my life for the past 6 months. The last six months have been at once both very interesting and incredibly boring, and surprisingly these two things go together incredibly well in Rwanda. People often comment on how interesting my life must be, how much fun I’m having from all the pictures they see. But, of course, I only put up pictures of the interesting things I do. I don’t normally post […]

Africa Update

  Some stories that have happened to me or my friends that I find funny. Some of these things are normal, everyday life for people here, but to us foreigners they seem quite strange. “Can I follow you home?”: There are many things that people do here that make Americans uncomfortable. One of the most common things is people asking to follow you home…literally. Just the other day I was walking back to work from the immigration office and two kids rode up on bicycles (I use the term ‘rode’ loosely, as one boy seemed to be just walking while sitting […]

The Funnies

This past week I spent 48 hours in Uganda, and 24 hours on buses. From April 7- April 13 is Genocide against the Tutsi memorial week here in Rwanda. This is a period of mourning, and businesses operate for only half days for this week. So, during this time many expats take vacations outside the country, as we are not quite able to participate in this memorial. So, my roommate and I decided to take a short vacation. Originally we thought we might go to a Masai village in Tanzania that my roommate knows about. I thought that would be cool, […]

By Bus Or By Boat

While in Rwanda I have been asked multiple times if I am married. When I say no, I get a variety of responses, everything from; people asking why, people telling me to “make a plan” to get married, and people offering me their sisters/cousins/daughters to marry. The average age of marriage here in Rwanda is 21, so it’s not too surprising that, as a 24 year old with a job, my answer of “no” is often met with surprise. While I have no plans for my own marriage in the near future, I did get the opportunity to go to […]


I’ve been in Rwanda for just over a month now, but it still feels a bit like the first week. One of the reasons for this is that I’ve been house hopping for the last month. I started out living with a coworker and his wife in their small 2 bedroom home. That house was good, but it was only a temporary residence, so I had to leave. I moved out of their house and into another company’s guest house. This guest house had problems associated with typical unplanned African architecture. Hallways winding awkwardly through the house, doors become walls […]

House Hopping

I found out when I arrived here in Musanze that there are many caves in the area. The caves were formed when ancient lava flows from the nearby volcanoes burned through the dirt, leaving behind tunnels made from volcanic rock. This past weekend I was planning on hiking a volcano in Uganda, but my Rwandan visa (which will allow me access to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda) was not yet approved. So, instead of climbing some volcanic rock, I decided to go caving in some. I met a guy here, a 15 year old missionary kid, who does tours of the […]

Crypt Diving

These past several months I have spent many, many hours on the road. I was in Colorado and drove 24 hours down to Alabama, then 10 hours to and from Tallahassee, then 8 hours to and fro from Auburn, then 2 hours to and from Atlanta, then 36 hours to and from West Virginia…you get the picture. Well, even though I don’t have a car here in Rwanda, I’m still managing to be on the road. This past weekend I went on another road trip. This time it was with two lovely (I mean this in both the physical and […]

On the Road Again

In Rwanda it’s always the same time of year, summer. Maybe the summer is a bit rainy, or maybe it’s a bit dry, but it’s still summer. At last I have successfully fled the lands of four seasons and ended up in a paradise of eternal summer. My flight from the U.S. was delayed a day because of snow and ice at the airport. When I landed in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) it was a balmy 85 at high noon. Perfect. My year long summer abode is in the city of Musanze in the northwest of Rwanda. Here in […]

Good Morning Rwanda!

This is the second article written for me by my friend Lawrence in Uganda. Lawrence is currently studying economics at Makerere University. This article has been edited by me, but apart from those edits is entirely written by Lawrence.     A HIGHLIGHT ON THE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FACING YOUTHS IN UGANDA: Youths in Uganda are faced with problems of high unemployment, high poverty levels, and inadequate skills. Here I will share a brief experience of both the educated and uneducated. The uneducated: A portion of the uneducated youth hustle in agriculture; an area that has received little government support […]

Africa’s Need: Youth Development

I saw the saddest thing the other day. A woman in Rwanda was fostering a sweet little girl, who needs an adoptive home. The woman offered to fly the girl to anywhere in the U.S. To anyone who could give her a good home. The genocide in Rwanda created around 75,000 orphans. They need homes, inside or outside of Rwanda. But this woman’s little orphan, was a dog. Please follow and like us:

Children and Dogs

So, as you might have heard I will soon be leaving for Rwanda and staying there for, hopefully, a year. In mid February I will board a plane and begin an arduous 30 hour travel day culminating in my arrival in a developing country, where my safety is not guaranteed and I may not have constant access to Facebook. “Why?” you might ask, “is someone going to a place where he cannot stay constantly informed on all the latest lists of cat memes, Donald Trump outrage, and interesting status updates?” True I will not be able to check Facebook all […]

Five Reasons Why I’m Moving To Africa

New Year new job, right? Well it just so happens that I have gotten myself a job in Rwanda (which is in East Africa). I was previously interning for a company called Engineering Ministries International (EMI) which does engineering work overseas. One of their previous interns has been working as an engineer with a company called Amahoro Energy. I will be training as a replacement for this engineer, so I got this job through my internship with EMI. I will stress that this is not a mission trip, but is an actual, engineering job. I know you were just thinking […]

Going To Rwanda