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I remember back in high school my church friends and I would have long arguments about how we could tell if a person was a Christian or not. In the end we never really came to a consensus, which was probably a good thing as I now believe only God can know what is in a person’s heart. The Bible does give us some guidance, though, when it warns us about false prophets saying, “you will know them by their fruits.” While I do believe that Mr. Moore may be a Christian, I think I might classify him as false teacher or prophet. Mr. Moore parades himself as a champion of the faith, while blatantly disregarding Paul’s teachings about how Christians should interact with their governments. He also appears to primarily be motivated by greed and a desire for fame, not to spread the Gospel.

Christian Civil Servants

In Romans Paul tells Christians to be “subject to governing authorities.” Mr. Moore has built his career by repeatedly resisting the authorities that God has placed over all of us. Not only has Mr. Moore rebelled against the rulers with power over him, he has also violated the oaths he swore when taking office in Alabama.

The whole reason anyone outside of Alabama knows about Mr. Moore is because of the controversies he has caused. First by refusing to remove the monument of the ten commandments from the courthouse and then refusing to accept the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. Even after appealing the courts’ decision regarding his ten commandments monument, Mr. Moore still refused to comply with authority and was removed from office because of it. I ask you fellow Christians, is that kind of behavior you read about in the Bible? When Jesus was taken and sentenced by the Roman government did he reject their authority over Him? No, the Son of God subjected himself to Earthly rule and died for us instead. As a worship song says, “He could have called ten thousand angels, to destroy the world and set him free…but he died alone for you and me.” Instead of following the example of Jesus, Mr. Moore has repeatedly shown that he intends to resist any and all Earthly authority that has been placed over him by God.

The Bible clearly shows that God takes oaths very seriously. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus himself tells the people not to take oaths at all. Mr. Moore swore an oath of office when he became a public servant in Alabama. In that oath he promised to support the Constitution of the United States, a commitment he has repeatedly violated. The Constitution clearly lays out the Federal Government’s authority over law and courts in the United States. Mr. Moore violated his oath during both of his shining moments of defiance.

The Love of Money

It recently came out that Mr. Moore has been receiving a generous part time salary from the small charity he founded. His initial denial of this fact, and his purpose for creating the charity in the first place show that money and fame both have an important place in Mr. Moore’s heart.

It’s one thing to make money, it’s another to make money from a Christian charity and reject that you are. Mr. Moore’s denial that he received a regular salary from this charity is a lie, which firstly violates one of the ten commandments on the monument he fought so hard to keep. Secondly, the revelation that this salary is the huge sum of $180,000 per year puts Mr. Moore in the category of Ananias and Sapphira. In case you’ve forgotten, Ananias and Sapphira sold some of their land and gave part of the money to the church, but claimed it was the whole amount. The money was theirs to do with as they pleased, but they decided to lie about how much they were giving in order to gain more notoriety. For that lie God struck them both dead on the spot. Let me be clear that I am not advocating violence against anyone, as I believe it is God’s place to render judgement, no ours. Mr. Moore’s charity was created so that he could go around the country fighting a culture war and thus increasing his fame. Apparently notoriety wasn’t enough and Mr. Moore felt it acceptable to enrich himself as well.

Coincidentally that enrichment is a violation of the tax code, which both Paul and Jesus advise us to follow. Mr. Moore lied to God and man about the salary he has been receiving from his charity, and broke the law to keep it hidden. I think we all know that is not what Jesus would do.

Through his resistance of God given authority, violation of oaths, exploitation of a charity, and dodging of tax laws I think Mr. Moore has shown us what kinds of fruits he bears. In my opinion, none of this means he is unfit for public office. Being a Christian or not does not make someone a good politician. It does, however, mean that no Christian should vote for him on the basis that he is a good Christian man who will bring God back into our government. Mr. Moore appears to worship himself before God, as he repeatedly forces himself back into the national scene by obstructing the authorities God has placed over him. I don’t know whether Mr. Moore is a Christian or not. I do know that he is a false prophet who primarily hopes to profit from us, and I do not want him to represent Christians on any level.

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