One Word Two Word, Red Word Blue Word


Sometimes I walk

Just to get outside my mind

My legs cease the talk

That makes my cerebellum blind

See my brain has a lock

That opens as I wind

My way through grassy stalks

Free thinking’s what I’ll find


Life In Technicolor

I live life in technicolor
When I walk with my earbuds in
The bass helps replace all the empty space
In the air so very thin

Confetti rains down on the crowd at Bassnectar

The sounds convert to colors
Before my aching eyes
Painting the sky not black or white
But with a rainbow of pretty dyes

Pretty lasers at Pretty Lights

The noises cast a secret spell
On the people who walk by
They change from slaves to painted braves
Dancing through their lives


Music transforms my vision
It makes my world less plain
It lets me see what’s meant to be
Says I do not hope in vain

Flags flying in a rain of confetti

These raging sounds they help me
To set my dreams on fire
With them I’ll burn all that’s boring and stern
Yes, I’ll make the world my pyre

Rave Dragon

From those flaky ashes
A brave new world will rise
If I have my druthers, it will flow with colors
That would be a peacock’s prize

Losing Her Train of Tho…

I wonder why her eyes begin to wander
And I start to fear that I
Have nothing left to offer
I worry, thinking that from me she wants nothing else
That she thinks me such a bore
But her eyes drift and her mind lists
Because I’ve lost interest in myself

Medieval Love

I’m through picking petals off daisies
“She loves me, she loves me not” its crazy
My vision was hazy but now it’s becoming clear
I’ve nothing left to fear
So hear it here first
You can call me the worst
I just want to purse my lips
And feel my heart do a flip
I’m ripping up this mask of indifference
I ain’t looking for more friends
The trend seems to me to be
Express your feelings economically
Well see me, I’m breaking out this cage
In a rage
I’m through with this phase of cowardice
Now the hour is
Come to nut up shut up
I’m done being numb
And glum, the time had come for romance
But not like a middle school dance
I’m talking flowers and towers
Damsels in distress, white knights and family crests
I’m going medieval on love
Throwing back to honor and passion
We’ll see if that gets a reaction
Slap just hooking up with a glove
I’m starting this for real
Going medieval on love

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

You use me and I’ll use you
We’ll feed off each other, only us two
I just want some pleasure in this world so blue
With phantoms and shades I want to be through
But I need to replace their space
Still need my heart to race
Please fill their place with your embrace
But this ain’t a marathon it’s a sprinting race
Not for the long run, no warranty
I’m hoping someone out there can feel me
Just want to be a little free
Tired of these rules binding me
I have boundaries
Now they’re extending
Many words I find myself rescinding
What’s the point of forever restricting
My thoughts and desires it’s never ending
A little party never killed nobody
I’ve been told to avoid fun by the haughty
Who think that dancing is naughty
I now know that to be malarkey
I’ll dance til the sun goes down and up
Pour another drink man, fill up my cup
I know this might seem mighty abrupt
But I’m tired of holding back, it’s time to turn it up

Oh the Humanity

Have you ever noticed
All old people look the same
Faces folded up in wrinkles
Joints aching with arthritis pain
We begin in different places
With a million different names
But when life comes to a finish
We degrade in the same vein

Creamy Crystals

In your own quiet home
Something magic, mystic grows
Not anything at all domestic
Nor does it have a wink of rustic
Not in the bathroom or the garden
Nor is this burning mystery ardent
It is actually quite cold
So you can rule out musty mold
If you want to find the curious secret
Look inside your chilly freezer
Open up the chocolate safe
Where the creamy crystals race
They build up in the frosty darkness
They splash into the world without a mess
When listless eyes overlook the cartoon
That’s when the liquid jewels awaken
When at last the ice cream cave is opened wide
A year already has passed by
And on the chocolate slopes has grown
A crop of crystals all your own


Life Stumbles On

Out of the dead stump
A new tree grows
Why life goes on
No man can know
It stumbles along
When we tread on its toes
But no matter how we try
We can’t stop it, life goes
On and on, again and again
Life it does seem is
Forever bound to win
Though death and destruction
Dirty life with their sin
They cannot prevail
Life will grow again
From blackest ashes
Saplings peek their green heads
After men fall in battle
Crows eat life from the dead
Even when I held
A knife in my bed
Life stilled my hand
From my wrists, never bled
So if you’re a realist
Take hope in this fact
Life is more powerful
Than disease, or an axe
Though things seem to end
Life remains intact
Each finish, a new start
Death births a new act


Smoke in the Wind

Keep your eyes on me
As steady as can be
For if you look away
There’s no telling if I’ll stay
I just want to be free
As the wind that tugs at me
When life gets dull and grey
Or turns into a fray
I’ll turn on my tip toes
And out the door I’ll slip
To where nobody knows
A secret, spontaneous trip
And maybe I’ll be back
But I can never tell
Like wisps from a smokestack
On the wind I might travel

Fading Wisps

As I lay me down to sleep
I pray for the day I’ll go away
When I’ll walk out without a peep
No one to see my shadow fade

No more risk and no rejection
No humans opinions will come looming
No words of judgement, no infection
Of other’s pain on my complexion

My whispered goodbye will not be heard
Fading wisps on the wind, an empty bliss
One moment I’m there and now I’m gone
But none can remember if they cared at all

I long for the day when I can go away
Give up my search, lay in the lurch
Surrender at last and rest in peace
Oh please tell me, when I can sleep

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts
Sewed strips of cloth
Beneath them hides
What sickness wrought
A hundred tiny little lumps
Itchy, red, hellish bumps
So pull down the cuffs
Hope for remission
What’s that on your arms?
“A skin condition”
Hide the ugliness on your skin
Just like you hide your feelings within
Don’t even acknowledge the scars yourself
Just hope that they’re not here to stay
Like the weeping wounds inside
Ignore them and maybe they’ll go away

The Best Feeling In Hell

Some people make you feel good
Others make you feel bad
But you make me feel both and neither
And that’s what drives me mad

You lift me into euphoria
But in that cloud I find
A sadness overwhelms my gladness
And now I’m in a bind

Your eyes spark a fire that roars in my soul
It warms me with its heat
But it eats away at my beating heart
My vessel of feeling meat

You bring such happiness it makes me depressed
And I think I might know why
For I do not trust you could find the same rush
In such a pitiful guy as I

Skinny Gluttony

Do you ever eat so much
That your stomach writhes in pain?
I must gorge myself on whatever I find
I do this every day
If I do not
Though my gut is in knots
I will simply waste away

None of the Above

I must be a lover
For I am no fighter
But lately I have been
Doing a lot of neither
My fists rarely clench
When rage burns in my eyes
Though they’re locked with no key
When I yearn for her thighs
In kissing and punching
I’ve forsaken my share
I stand in the shadows
Where I breathe the safe air
In fights I may crumble
Or lose all my teeth
And in love I have found
Oft I kneel in defeat
So where is my place
In this dichotomous world
Instead of a fight ring
I might ring a girl